What is Primafamed?

An international institutional network

The World Health Report 2008 "Primary Health Care: now more than ever!" emphasizes the importance of strengthening primary health care in addressing the health challenges, both in developed and developing countries. There is a need for capacity building op primary care physicians, prepared to work in the context of interdisciplinary teams in districts. Primary healt care is seen as a strategy to address inequities in health.

To strengthen family medicine education and training and enhance the quality and accessibility of primary health care in Africa

The network aims at developing and strengthening family medicine higher education and training through, for example, capacity building, curricula enhancement, academic research development. Due attention is paid to interprofessional training and training of other professionals in primary health care, such as nurses, mid-level care workers and community health workers.

The ultimate goal of the network is to improve the quality and the accessibility of health care and to establish more equitable and locally suited primary health care systems as this is the most accessible and holistic level of health care with the potential to make the greatest impact on achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Through a strategy of South-South cooperation

The network is based on South-South cooperation where partners learn from each other. In order to develop the profile of an ‘African’ family physician responsive and suitable to local needs, all expertise is with the African institutions.

Instruments of cooperation & exchange of knowledge and experience are:

The Primafamed network activities are supported by